Beau Lynn-Miller

Me and some bison

My main goals presently are to do things that I find meaning and purpose in, and to foster and live in a great community. Two of the causes I’m most interested in working on are reproductive rights, and education. I put a lot of effort into trying to learn more and get better at a broad range of things, and I’m happy that I’ll always have room to improve. I do my best to keep an eye on the bigger picture, and I seek balance in all areas. The world changes and so do I; whether it’s ideology or programming language, I try to be open to new things. I’m quick to detect subtle details, and follow through has never been a problem of mine.

My biggest passions are learning and plants, though I very much enjoy travel and cooking. Some of my other favorite pastimes include: ice skating, pinball, goaltimate, reading, and board games.

Some of my skills include:

I've been a developer for about 12 years now, and in that time I've done a lot with the "full-stack". I've spent a few years doing PHP, a few doing server management, and a few doing front-end javascript. My biggest passions in the field are security, and optimization. I love to make things more efficient (use fewer resources, increase conversions), and my article about how hash algorithms work is one of the top results on google for the subject. I consider myself an expert with SEO and analytics, and I'm quite adept at working with relational databases like MySQL and Postgres.

If you feel like contacting me for any reason, you can shoot me an email at