Head shot of Beau Lynn-Miller

My life

I'm 27 years old and live on the east side of Madison. I recently spent 20 months traveling around Asia and the Middle East. My hobbies include learning, plants, travel, and cooking.

My work

I think of programming like writing a novel. Just as one can learn a written language, one can learn a programming language. Writing a great novel, weaving a brilliant story, takes a mastery which requires time, experience, and dedication. Are you looking for someone to write code, or to architect a great application?

I think about security, efficiency, usability and SEO at the beginning of projects. I make standard compliant programs. I fully embrace progressive enhancement and graceful degradation.

Look at my portfolio, then look again without javascript. See how it degrades gracefully. Then run it through Page Speed. Then run it through the W3C validator. Note that all the images have alt tags and all the links have titles.

Relevant books I've read

Bonus skills